Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian's_Wall-minHadrian’s Wall is fascinating – much to most people’s surprise.

There is no better place to understand the story of the northwest Frontier of the Roman Empire than Hadrian’s Wall Country. The recently refurbished Roman Vindolanda is renowned as one of Europe’s most important archaeological sites and allows the opportunity for visitors to explore Roman life on the edge of the Empire. Housesteads Roman Fort, is the most iconic Frontier fort set atop the dramatic Whin Sill. You may also wish to visit the Roman Army Museum, which is located close to Roman Vindolanda near a sweeping section of the original Hadrian’s Wall.

Full marks to the various groups who look after different sections. Each one offers a unique interpretation and insight into various aspects of Roman Britain, supported by temples, shops, forts, and soldiers to bring the story to life.

It’s very child friendly without sacrificing the intellectual rigour that satisfies a grown up. We think it’s an active and fulfilling family day out.

Sycamore Gap is definitely a destination that is not to be missed. Famous for its appearance in the Hollywood film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Sycamore Gap provides stunning views across the acres of countryside. A short walk will also take you to Steel Rigg where you can view the remains of three well-preserved milecastles, in addition to soaking up fantastic views of the Wall and surrounding areas.

Have a look at The Hadrian’s Wall Trust website for further information, and to plan a day out.