Cumbria lends itself to a great day out on bicycles. The variety of landscape and the miles of empty track mean everyone can find the right level and the right place – all within easy reach of Warwick Hall.

Tricycles and training wheels

Our huge flat driveway has started a lot of little children on their way. Obviously, there might be the occasional car coming to the house, but it’s a very quiet and private road, meaning you can relax peacefully knowing that your children are safe and having a great time. It’s been a wonderful resource for our own grandchildren which we’re happy to share. You can decide once you get here if it works for you and your family (see liability disclaimer below).

Mountain bikes

Our farm roads are suitable for mountain bikes and are good fun for riders strong enough to go off a tarmac road. It’s great practice for a new mountain bike rider – without leaving home.

Bikes can be rented locally. See details below. Look into it before you arrive to avoid disappointment.

Cycle maps and local bike suppliers will give you all sorts of wonderful ideas – many of which start minutes away. A few suggestions:

  • The Coast to Coast Cycle Way
  • The Pennines – our local hills.
  • Keilder Forest – 15 miles from here. Endless empty roads up on the Scottish border.
  • Take the train from Armathwaite (6 miles) up to the top of the Pennines and the Ribble Valley Viaduct. Fabulous scenery! Then bicycle 60 (at least!) miles back home – a lot of it downhill!

Lake District – some seriously challenging hills! Not for the weak kneed…

Websites to get you started – see what Cumbria has to offer:

Suppliers and Repairs

Pedal Pushers
Rental bikes & equipment (will deliver to Warwick Hall)

Lonnings End
Capontree Road

Tel: 016977 4238

Palace Cycles
Full range bike shop


Tel: 01228 523142

Rock to Roll Cycles
Expert repairs

Unit 3B Townfoot Industrial Estate

Tel: 016977 42739

N.B. We accept no liability for any damage or accident or problem with equipment loaned to guests or use of our private roads for any reason.

All use of equipment and estate roads is entirely at a guest’s risk.