The terrace at Warwick Hall

Dogs are very welcome at Warwick Hall – and they love coming here.

Lovely long walks on the estate right out the door with interesting new smells to sniff and places to explore. It will more than make up for a long day in the car. A swim in the river is a highlight for labradors and spaniels – look for the gravel bank we call The Beach. It’s shallow enough for a safe swim and far enough from the house to give them time to dry off before they get home again. You’ll find their own special towel in your room if you need it and a useful water bowl. We can loan you a crate if you’d like (please let us know).

Your dog is welcome to stay in your room and welcome to come into the public rooms with you if everyone plays by the rules.

Our own German Shorthaired Pointer, Boots, will be waiting to welcome you with her signature bark telling me you’ve arrived. She’s always hoping to meet a new friend who might want to play!

Warwick Hall is a Dog Friendly Hotel

bootsA day in the kennels while the family are at a wedding or playing golf – It’s a dog’s life – but only for the day!

They’ve promised an extra special long walk tomorrow morning to make up for it.

£10 per day surcharge

£12 per night per dog
£25 maximum per dog per visit

£10 surcharge for a day in the

VAT included

Dogs Welcome
River Walk in Autumn at Warwick Hall Carlisle